Friday, April 24, 2009

Basis of Unity

-Essential to our struggle, we must be visible as queer people in our communities.
-Smashing closets, repression, and self-hate.
-We are open to being perceived as queer during our meetings and actions.
-Marginal voices cannot possibly be articulated by one monolithic queer group on campus or within our communities.
-We appose all forms of assimilation as death through erasure.
-We will create a radical presence at queer events and a queer presence at radical events.

-Active opposition to racism, sexism, transphobia, ableism, xenophobia, HIV/AIDS stigma, classism, heteronormativity and homophobia within Queer fAction, queer communities, and our community at large.
-Recognizing power relations within our groups and communities, and acting to eliminate social hierarchies.

Solidarity and Coalition-building:
-Acting in solidarity with other oppressed groups, who may not identify as queer.
-Building relationships with other oppressed groups and activist groups.

-Operating our group at the community level, independent from any state or government.

Non-violent Direct Action:
-Actions that are ends in themselves, or lead to concrete ends.

-Events and meetings should be wheelchair accessible.
-Published items should be (at least) French-English bilingual.
-Language should be accessible; specialized or academic vocabulary and concepts should be defined or explained.

-Acknowledging the ultimate right of individuals to engage in consensual sex acts and relationships, with anybody, with any motivation, paid or unpaid.
-Safer sex is hotter sex, just sayin'.
-During group orgies, use of barriers is strongly encouraged

-Operating our group without hierarchies, coercive power, or internal authority.

Consensus decision-making:
-Decisions made by the group should be supported by (or acceptable to) all members present.
-Ultimate decision-making capacity is held by individuals who have attended 2 Queer fAction meetings and have agreed to the Basis of Unity of the group.

Voluntary Association:
-Recognizing individuals' rights to act independently or with the group.

-This is a living document and is subject to annual review each spring, by consensus, while maintaining the integrity and spirit of the original document.

-Anyone who has attended 2 Queer fAction meetings as of April 22, 2009 is welcome to submit changes for review in September 2009.

(version française en développement)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rules Of Conduct For Straight People [In Queer Spaces]

1. Keep your displays of affection (kissing, hand-holding, embracing) to a minimum. Your sexuality is unwanted and offensive to many here.

2. If you must slow dance, be an inconspicuous as possible.

3. Do not gawk or stare at lesbians or gay men, especially bull dykes or drag queens. We are not your entertainment.

4. If you cannot comfortably deal with someone of the same sex making a pass at you, get out.

5. Do not flaunt your heterosexuality. Be discreet. Risk being mistaken for a lezzie or a homo.

6. If you feel these rules are unfair, go fight homophobia in straight clubs, or

7. Go Fuck Yourself.

Thoughts? Please, leave your comments! :)

From the Queer Nation Manifesto.