Monday, November 16, 2009


The OPIRG Carleton Fall Colloquium presents

From Radical Revolt to Freedom Fighting Justice

With presentations by:
Jessica Yee, Executive Director of the Native Youth Sexual Health Network
Gary Kinsman, co-author of "The Canadian War on Queers"
Ashley Fortier, Q-Team
Zaheen, Agitate! Ottawa

Wednesday Nov 25th
7-9 pm
Montgomery Legion Hall, 330 Kent Street near Somerset Ave (wheelchair accessible)

Suggested donation $5-10, no one turned away
Advance tickets available at OPIRG Carleton (326 UniCentre), OPIRG-GRIPO (631 King Edward Ave, 3rd floor) Venus Envy Ottawa (320 Lisgar St), and Octopus Books (116 Third Ave)

Talk descriptions:

>> Two Spirited Indigenous Feminist Freedom Fighting with Jessica Yee <<

Jessica Yee is a self-described Two Spirited Indigenous Feminist Freedom Fighter - and as such will outline how frameworks like reproductive justice and movements like Indigenous feminism come into play with her work with Two-Spirited youth specifically as the founder and Executive Director of the Native Youth Sexual Health Network - currently the only Aboriginal organization in North America to work within the full spectrum of reproductive and sexual health.

Jessica Yee is a 23 year old Two Spirited young woman from the Mohawk Nation. She is the founder and Executive Director of the Native Youth Sexual Health Network, a North America wide organization working on issues of healthy sexuality, reproductive justice, cultural competency, and youth empowerment.

>> Remembering Revolt and Resistance: Queer Struggles Against the Canadian National Security State with Gary Kinsman <<

Queer liberation started as a radical revolt against heterosexual hegemony in alliance with other groups fighting against oppression and for social liberation. This presentation actively remembers queer organizing against the Canadian national security state from the late 1950s to the 1990s. This resistance undermined and dismantled the Canadian War on Queers which had led to the purging, surveillance, and harassment of thousands of queer identified people. This presentation draws from the just-released book "The Canadian War on Queers: National Security as Sexual Regulation" which will be available for sale at the event.

Gary Kinsman is a longtime queer liberation and anti-capitalist activist. He is the author of The Regulation of Desire: Homo and Hetero Sexualities (1996), co-editor of Whose National Security? (2000), and Sociology for Changing the World (2006). He is a professor of Sociology at Laurentian University in Sudbury.

>> Queer Organizing Against Apartheid with Ashley Fortier <<

Drawing on a long history of queer solidarity organizing against South African apartheid, and in response to Israel’s branding of itself as a safe haven for queers in order to distract from its racist policies towards Palestinians, a growing movement of queer solidarity against Israeli Apartheid has emerged in recent years. This presentation will
highlight some organizing successes and challenges throughout Canada and the U.S. and demonstrate the importance for queers to learn about and join in the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions campaign against Israel.

Ashley Fortier is based out of Montreal where she organizes around radical queer, prisoner justice, and Palestine solidarity struggles. She's also a part-time activist researcher with the Collectif de recherche sur l'autonomie collective, works as a coordinator at QPIRG Concordia, and hopes one day to complete her graduate certificate in
Editing and Publishing from Ryerson University.

>> Agitating Ottawa: A Local Perspective on Queer Anti-Racist Organizing with Zaheen <<

Think Ottawa’s bureaucratic and stuffy reputation is a drag? Unfortunately, this reputation has permeated many facets of our community, including the activist and queer communities. Anti-racist and queer organizing has never been easy in this city, but we have definitely come a long way. Zaheen from Agitate!, a local collective for queer people of colour, will address some challenges in doing this type of organizing in our city, as well as successes and ways we have overcome and continue to overcome these challenges.

Zaheen is a local community activist and has been a member of Agitate for almost 5 years. She is also involved with other community organizations such as Ladyfest Ottawa, SASC, and has recently joined the staff at OPIRG-GRIPO as one of their Coordinators. In her spare time, she likes to eat ice cream, be a Muslim heathen, and rock out to
Whitney Houston.

* * *

Endorsed by the CUSA GLBTQ Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity, the CUSA Womyn's Centre, the CUSA Aboriginal Service Centre, the Carleton Centre for Aboriginal Culture and Education, OPIRG-Ottawa/GRIPO-Ottawa, the Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement-Ottawa, Agitate! Ottawa, Queer fAction, Q-Team, the Native Youth Sexual Health Network, PTS LBTTQ Women's Health and Sexuality Program, Students Against Israeli Apartheid-Carleton, After Stonewall, Venus Envy Ottawa, and Octopus Books.

Brought to you by OPIRG Carleton . . . research, education and action
on social and environmental justice issues, since 1980.

For more info, contact or 613 520 2757.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"CRIMINAL QUEERS" screening in Ottawa!

Saturday, November 14th at 6PM “Agora” of the University of Ottawa's University Centre (UCU, map)
85 University, (bottom floor)

Chris Vargas and Eric Stanley will be in Ottawa presenting their latest film Criminal Queers! Criminal Queers visualizes a radical trans/queer struggle against the prison industrial complex and toward a world without walls. Remembering that prison breaks are both a theoretical and material practice of freedom, this film imagines what spaces might be opened up if crowbars, wigs, and metal files become tools for transformation. Follow Yoshi, Joy, Susan and Lucy as they fiercely read everything from the Human Rights Campaign and hate crimes legislation to the non-profitization of social movements. Criminal Queers grows our collective liberation by working to abolish the multiple ways our hearts, genders, and desires are confined.

Criminal Queers brings together powerful abolitionist voices like Angela Y. Davis (who plays herself in the film), with a fictional, campy world of queer insurrection. Reworking what a queer history might mean for the possibility of surviving the present, the program centers the devastating effects the prison industrial complex (PIC) has had on transgender/ gender non-conforming and queer communities.

The Agora/University Centre is wheelchair-accessible >> Accessible entrances to the UCU can be found here (

(Désolé, le film est seulement disponible en anglais.)

Presented by: QUEER fACTION, OPIRG-GRIPO Ottawa, SFUO Women's Resource Centre, and the University of Ottawa Women's Collective

Nov. 21st Consulta: mobilizing against the G8/G20 summit


****Appel à tous pour le 21 Novembre pour une Consultation****

Appel à tous les groupes, organisations et individus de la Région de l'Outaouais et Ottawa qui sont interressés à se mobiliser contre le Sommet du G8-G20 en Juin 2010.
Le Collectif du Chat Noir vous invites à participer à une consultation Samedi, le 21 Novembre. afin de collaborer à une stratégie de résistance et organiser des évènements locaux et dans d'autres Villes, et ainsi de se mobiliser en préparation pour le Sommet.

Nous sommes un petit collectif d'individus interresé à voir une mobilisation d'envergure et une coalition en opposition contre le sommet du G8-G20. Le Collectif de Chat Noir est un groupe anti capitaliste. Nous nous aderrons aux principes de l'AMP, Cependant, nous sommes prêts à travailler avec des groupes adhérent à d'autres principe organisationnelle.

De cette Consultation, Nous espèrons développer:
1) Un appel commun en opposition au G8 (Un avant-projet sera distribué à l'avance et un temps sera aloué durant la Consultation pour en discuter et le modifier)
2) Un plan concret pour les évènements locaux à venir.
3)Un plan pour une tournée d'information sur la mobilisation contre le G8

La structure décisionelle de la Consultation est une version quelque peut modifié de la règle de Robert (Une proposition à besion d'un vote de 80% pour être approuvée)

Le 21 Novembre
a midi (précis)
Au Centre Communautaire Jack Purcell - situé au 320 Jack Purcell (derrière le Starbuck sur Elgin)
Salle 203

Si vous avez des questions concernant la Consultation (incluant des demandes sur le contenue de l'agenda)
veuiller vous adressez à:

Principes de l'Action mondiale des peuples (AMP)
1. Un rejet très clair du féodalisme, du capitalisme, et de l'impérialisme, ainsi que de tous les accords commerciaux, institutions et gouvernements promoteurs d'une mondialisation destructrice
2. Un rejet très clair de toutes formes et systèmes de domination et de discrimination dont (et de manière non exhaustive) le patriarcat, le racisme et le fondamentalisme religieux de toutes croyances. Nous reconnaissons la dignité entière de tous les êtres humains ;
3. Une attitude de confrontation, puisque nous ne pensons pas que le " lobbying " puisse avoir un impact majeur sur des organisations à tel point partiales et antidémocratiques, pour lesquelles le capital transnational est le seul facteur réel déterminant leur politique.
4. Un appel à l'action directe et à la désobéissance civile, au soutien aux luttes des mouvements sociaux, mettant en avant des formes de résistance qui maximisent le respect pour la vie et pour les droits des peuples opprimés, ainsi qu'à la construction d'al
ternatives locales au capitalisme mondial.
5. Une philosophie organisationnelle fondée sur la décentralisation et l'autonomie.


Callout for the Nov. 21st Consulta

Calling all Ottawa-Outaouais groups, organizations and individuals who are interested in mobilizing against the G8/G20 summit in june 2010

Le Collectif du Chat Noir invites you to participate in a consulta on Saturday November 21st. We are proposing to organize support for actions and events in other cities, as well as mobilizing locally in the lead up to the summit.

We are a loose knit collective of individuals interested in seeing a large scale mobilization and coalition emerge in opposition to the G8/G20 meetings. The Collectif du Chat Noir is an anti-capitalist group. We adhere to the PGA hallmarks, though we are very much open to working with groups who have different organizational principals.

From this consulta we hope to see emerge:
1) A common callout in opposition to the G8 (a draft will be distributed ahead of the meeting and time will be set aside at the consulta to discuss and amend it)
2)Concrete plans for lead up events, based locally
3)Plans for an info-tour about the G8 mobilizations

the decision making structure of the consulta will be a slightly modified version of Robert's Rules (where decisions will need an 80% approval to be considered a majority vote)

November 21st
Noon (sharp)
Jack Purcell Community Center-320 Jack Purcell Lane (right off Elgin, behind the Starbucks)
room 203

any questions regarding the consulta (including requests for agenda items) can be sent to:
The PGA hallmarks:
1) A very clear rejection of capitalism, imperialism and feudalism; all trade agreements, institutions and governments that promote destructive globalisation.
2) We reject all forms and systems of domination and discrimination including, but not limited to, patriarchy, racism and religious fundamentalism of all creeds.
3) We embrace the full dignity of all human beings.
4) A confrontational attitude, since we do not think that lobbying can have a major impact in such biased and undemocratic organisations, in which transnational capital is the only real policy-maker;
5) A call to direct action and civil disobedience, support for social movements' struggles, advocating forms of resistance which maximize respect for life and oppressed peoples' rights, as well as the construction of local alternatives to global capitalism.
6)An organisational philosophy based on decentralisation and autonomy.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Orientation Sexuelle- Sexual Orientation

Orientation Sexuelle

Réunion pour les nouveaux membres

Lundi le 5 Octobre

@ 19h00

Dans UCU 301 à l’u d’o

Sexual Orientation

New members meeting

Monday, October 5th


Room 301 of the University Centre at OttawaU

Cum plot the revolution!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cumming Out Party: Oct. 2!!

Queer fAction is finally cumming out. We're going to step it up this year, and we want YOU to join us.

Who: YOU, your friends, lovers, aunts, cousins, grandfathers...
What: Hanky Code party. Dancing. DJ. Queer History. Collective Art.
Where: SAW Gallery (67 Nicholas St.)
When:Friday, Oct 2nd. 9pm-1am
Why: because we're awesome like that
How: by donation, $5-$10 sliding scale

A night of queer history, collective art, great music, dancing, drinking (cheap beer), gender bendin’, and much more will ensue. But more importantly, cum out to get familiar with Queer fAction, our basis of unity, and fellow queers!

Queer fAction is a radical queer group, based in Ottawa, challenging gender oppression, patriarchy, heterosexism and all other oppression within the queer community and society at large. We believe in the complete freedom of sexual and gender expressions, harnessing the power of grassroots to express solidarity and confront oppression.

Wear a hanky! The Hanky Code was used by men who have sex with men in the 70's to flag what they were looking for. We're reviving and expanding this sexy tradition to all queers! Wear a certain coloured hanky in a certain pocket so people know what you're looking for! For more info on the hanky code, go to: We'll have a few hankys on sale ($3) in case you forget yours.

For folks who want to get involved, we will be having a new members meeting on October 5th at 7pm in UCU301 (at Ottawa U). Check us out at:

**Note to folks who don't identify as queer: Come to the party! But please be prepared to be perceived as queer. Please respect the queer space and don't be rude or dismissive if someone queer hits on you. You might consider wearing an orange hanky in your right pocket (“nothing now”) as a queer-positive solution.

**This is a discrimination-free party. Stigma based on HIV status, gender identity or expression, sexuality, race, class or ability is bullshit.

**Club Saw is wheelchair-accessible.


fAction Queer va avoir un party!

Qui: TOI et tous tes amiEs, tes amantEs, tes tantes, tes cousinEs et ton grand-père...
Quoi: Party de Code Bandanas. Danse. DJ. L'histoire queer. L'art collective.
Où: Galerie SAW (67, rue Nicholas, à Ottawa)
Quand: vendredi 2 octobre. 21h00-1h00
Pourquoi: c'est le fun
Comment: don de 5$ à 10$, échelle flexible

Une soirée d''histoire queer, arts collectives, de la musique, la danse, bière moins chère, gender bendin', et encore plus! Mais plus important, viens connaître fAction Queer, nos points d'unité et d'autres queers!

fAction Queer est un groupe queer basé à Ottawa. Nous nous opposons à l'oppression de tous genres, incluant, mais non limité à, l'hétérosexisme, le patriarcat, le classisme et le sexisme. Nous croyons en la liberté totale de libre
expression de nos désirs et expressions sexuelles. La solidarité et l'action directe sont nos armes.

Porte ton bandana! Le code bandanas était employé par les hommes queer au années 70 pour annoncer leurs préférences spécifiques. Nous rétablissons et élaborons cette tradition sexy pour tous les queers! Porte un hanky de certain couleur dans un certain poche pour que les gens savent ce que tu cherches! Pour plus de renseignements sue le code bandanas clique ici: Il y aura quelques bandanas en vente (3$) si tu oublies le tien.

Pour les gens qui veulent s'impliquer, une réunion pour les nouveaux membres aura lieu le lundi 5 octobre à 19h00 dans la salle UCU301 (à l'U d'O). Pour plus d'infos:

**Aux les gens qui ne s'identifient pas comme queer: Venez au party! Mais SVP soyez prêt d'être perçu comme queer. SVP respectez l'espace queer et ne soyez pas rude ou méprisant si une personne queer vous cruise ou vous fait des avances. Vous pourriez considérer porter un bandana orange dans la poche droit (« rien maintenant ») pour une solution queer-positive.

**C'est un party sans discrimination. La sérophobie et tout stigmate basé sur l'identité ou expression de genre, la sexualité, la race, la classe, ou un handicap sont de la marde.

**Club SAW est accessible aux fauteuils-roulantes.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Call for Action: Tell IGLTA that Apartheid Israel is not for LGBT Leisure Tourism!


Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, Toronto
Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism
International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network
Queer BDS activists from Israel

On October 10-16, 2009, the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) is planning to hold a tourism conference in Tel Aviv, Israel, aimed at boosting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) leisure tourism to Israel. The audience of this conference is expected to be made up mostly of travel agents who specialize in promoting LGBT tourism. With this conference IGLTA, in cooperation with an Israeli LGBT organization, the Aguda, will give its symbolic and financial support to a state that continually occupies, oppresses and dispossess millions of Palestinians and murders and imprisons many thousands of them.

We, queer activists and groups, call on LGBTQI people and friends around the world to join us in our protest against IGLTA’s promotion of leisure tourism to apartheid Israel. We demand that IGLTA cancel its planned conference in Israel and cease any promotion of tourism to this country.

For some time now, Israeli officials and organizations such as the Aguda, who are cooperating closely with IGLTA, have been promoting LGBT tourism to Israel through false representations of visiting Tel Aviv as not taking sides, or as being on the “LGBT” side, as if LGBT lives were the only ones that mattered. It is implied that it’s okay to visit Israel as long as you “believe in peace,” as if what is taking place in Palestine/Israel is merely a conflict between equals, rather than an oppressive power relationship. Consistent with globalization’s tendency to distance the “final product” from the moral implications of the manufacturing process, LGBT tourists are encouraged to forget about politics and just have fun in a so-called gay-friendly city.

This Zionist propaganda disguises the reality of anti-LGBT violence. Last month’s Tel Aviv shooting in a gay center has reminded us that it is not as friendly as it is depicted to be. Since that attack, numerous reports have been released on the prevalence of violence against LGBT people in Israel, including a state official report suggesting that “80% of gay teens in Israel suffer some sort of sexual orientation-related abuse” (

Even more importantly, Tel-Aviv’s flashy coffee shops and shopping malls, in contrast with the nearby deprived Palestinian villages and towns, serve as evidence that the Israeli society, just as the Israeli state itself, has built walls, blockades and systems of racist segregations to hide from the Palestinians it oppresses. The intersection of physical and societal separations and barriers have justly earned the term apartheid, referring to an historically parallel racist regime in South Africa against the indigenous Black population of that country. Leisure tourism to apartheid Israel supports this regime. It is not neutral, and it certainly is not a step toward real peace, which can only be based on justice.

We encourage people to visit Palestine and join Palestinians in solidarity with their popular struggle. A number of organizations are doing this, including International Solidarity Movement, Palestine Solidarity Project and International Women’s Peace Service. This clearly is not what IGLTA is doing. Instead, by its actions, IGLTA calls on our communities to turn our backs on the oppression of Palestinians, and to ignore a specifically effective Palestinian popular non-violent initiative – the BDS movement.

On July 9th 2005 171 Palestinian civil society’s organizations issued a statement calling for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel. These measures are to be applied until Israel meets its obligation to recognize the Palestinian people’s inalienable right to self-determination and fully complies with the precepts of international law by:
1. Ending its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the Wall;
2. Recognizing the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality; and
3. Respecting, protecting and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN resolution 194 (

In recent months, especially after the murderous assault on Gaza, the BDS movement is gaining momentum worldwide. New groups are forming and many have implemented successful non-violent protest actions around the world. These actions inspire us for what is to come. By supporting BDS now, we can have a significant impact on the overall struggle for justice in Palestine. We urge LGBTQI people and friends around the world to endorse the Palestinian call and to join this particular action of solidarity and protest.


Please email International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association, calling on it to cancel its planned conference in Israel and any promotion of tourism to this country. You can compile your own letter or use the sample letter below.

Please email your letter to all management and staff members of IGLTA:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

(John Tanzella, Executive Director; Richard Brower, Strategic Development & Marketing Manager; Deven Chism, Administrative Assistant; Babs Daitch , Special Projects; Ann Corbitt, Event Planner; Tom Nibbio, Manager - Partnership Development; Aaron Riggins, Manager - Membership Development; Carlos Kytka, Manager - Europe; Mark Proffit, Australia / New Zealand Ambassador; André Rojer, Latin America Ambassador; Alfredo Ferreyra, Argentina Ambassador; Clovis Casemiro, Brazil Ambassador; Canadian Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce , Canada Ambassador; Clark Massad, France Ambassador; Edwin Brown, Germany Ambassador; Andreas Balakakis, Greece Ambassador; Shai Doitsch, Israel Ambassador; Bertho Makso, Lebanon Ambassador; Ron Kuijpers, Mexico Ambassador; Piotr Wojcik, Poland Ambassador; Adriaan Coetzer, South Africa; Brian Kruger, South Africa Ambassador; Juan A. Carmona Del Solar, Spain Ambassador; Tobias Holfelt, Sweden Ambassador; Spyros Petridis, Switzerland Ambassador; Mustafa Kartopu, Turkey Ambassador; Darren Cooper, United Kingdom Ambassador; Babs Daitch, United States of America Ambassador)

Sample Letter

Dear International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association management and staff members,

It was brought to my attention that your organization, IGLTA, is planning to hold a conference in Tel Aviv, Israel, between October 10th, 2009 and October 16th, 2009, aimed at boosting LGBT tourism to Israel. As someone who believes in protecting human rights, I am disturbed by your attempt to promote leisure tourism to apartheid Israel. I plead with you to distance yourselves from Israel’s crimes. Please cancel the conference, along with any other promotion activity on your behalf of tourism to Israel.

Just as I consider LGBT rights to be a human rights issue, the rights of Palestinians are a human rights issue as well. I reject any attempt to depict Tel Aviv as separate from Israel, the state that it is, to a large extent, sustaining. Given the continued occupation, colonization and oppression of the Palestinian people by Israel, it seems to me awful and hypocritical to promote leisure tourism to its largest and richest city in the name of LGBT human rights. In an environment of racist segregation, as imposed on the Palestinians by the annexation wall and other fences and blockades, leisure tourism promotion to Tel Aviv and Israel is especially harmful and morally corrupt.

The extent of Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians, and its long duration, require that organizations and businesses be wary of connecting themselves with it. In the territories occupied in 1967, unarmed Palestinians, including teenagers and children, are routinely shot and imprisoned by the Israeli army. Israeli forces routinely destroy people’s homes, confiscate their land and resources, discriminate against Palestinians in their access to water, and restrict their everyday movement between Palestinian towns and villages. Millions of Palestinian refugees and their descendants are prevented from returning to their homes and hometowns, many living in refugee camps without any compensation for their continued loss and suffering. In only the three weeks of its most aggressive military offensive on Gaza, the Israeli army killed more than 1400 Palestinians, wounded thousands of people and destroyed the houses of tens of thousands of people.

Since IGLTA, in its activities, is providing symbolic as well as financial support to Israel, I see it as inevitable to connect IGLTA to such atrocities. Only by abstaining from dealing with Israel can you distance yourselves from such moral corruption and the rightful criticism that will come with it.


Your name
Your city and country of residence

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Queers Against Apartheid

Check it out! A few pictures of the Queers Against Apartheid, from Canada to Israel contingent in the Pride Parade.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Capital Pride Parade: Queers Against Apartheid, from Canada to Israel OCCUPATION IS A COCK BLOCK!!

Queers who are taking a stand against apartheid are inviting all queer people and allies to join in the struggles for the rights and dignity of queer people of territories occupied by Canada and Israel.

We reject the corporatization and depoliticization of queer identity that is being “celebrated” today. Instead, we celebrate the long history of queers being at the forefront of social justice movements (from the Civil Rights movement in the U.S. to the Anti-Apartheid movement in South Africa).

This year, we continue this legacy of Queer resistance. As we march against different manifestations of homophobia both at home and across the world, we also march in solidarity with all people struggling for social justice and self determination everywhere.

Like many queers throughout North America and beyond, we are fed up with Israel's attempts to falsely brand itself as a safe haven for queers in order to divert the world's attention from its racist policies towards Palestinian people. We believe all forms of oppression are related. We do not support the fight against homophobia if it is perpetuating racism.

We are also standing in solidarity with indigenous people in ''Canada'' who are confronting colonization and imperialism. We recognize that the Canadian state, from its very beginning, has disrupted and destroyed many first nations communities through sexual violence, repression, assimilation and occupation. Queer rights are moot if they mean legitimization of occupation. There can be no pride in our communities if we do not stand in solidarity with others who are resisting all forms of oppression.

Canada and Israel bolster each other's colonial occupations through political, military and economic support. To us, the links are clear. As queers our role in the struggle is obvious.

It's been 8 months since Israel's brutal assault on Gaza which saw hundreds of thousands of people across the world take to the streets in outrage. Many have joined the global movement of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel.
In Tyendinaga, Six Nations, Barriere Lake, Akwesasne, Coast Salish and across the continent, first nations communities are fanning the flames of resistance to colonization.

Recently, in Toronto and Montréal, Queers have taken to the streets during Pride parades to loudly declare their love and solidarity towards the people of Palestine and their struggle for justice, land and dignity.

This Pride week, it's time for us in Ottawa to reaffirm our solidarity and to march with our allies in our hearts.

Join us as we loudly declare:


Note to Allies: Straight-identified allies are welcome to join us in opposing apartheid, but please recognize that "Pride" is a queer event and step back to allow queer leadership. Furthermore you should expect to be perceived as queer at the parade. If you are unable to do this, or are not comfortable being perceived as queer, this action may not be right for you.


this pride parade contingent is endorsed:
Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA)
Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA)
Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR-uOttawa)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Drafted Letter to Xtra Re: Palestinian Solidarity

A recent letter in the Capital Xtra has added its voice to the chorus of those questioning the validity of groups like Queers Against Israeli Apartheid having a space in our pride parades. As Queers, activists and people involved in Palestinian solidarity organizing, we are writing to refute these claims. To those who would say politics have no place in our events, we say this: Politics have been vital to our movement from its very beginnings. From the decriminalization of expressions of our love to the right to marry, we, as a movement, owe our safety, rights and visibility to those committed activists who have taken up the important political causes that have led to our current situations and future victories.

As a movement and as a community, it is clear that we know how to effectively fight for our rights. Our recent victories are a testament to this, but these victories do not exempt us from the responsibility to speak out against injustices, wherever they occur. We have learned how to defend our rights, and we have also learned the value of solidarity. Now it is our turn to extend our solidarity to the Palestinian people fighting for their own self determination, rights and dignity. Surely, we are not so selfish as to blind ourselves from Israel's human rights abuses just because Israeli queers benefit from relative freedoms.

As queers, we must resist being dangled in front of the media to justify the atrocities of the occupation. It is important to remember now more than ever that there is no pride in supporting the Israeliapartheid. We will never be truly free while others are oppressed in our name.

This summer, in pride parades from the east coast to the west coast, queer activists will be marching in celebration of our hard-won rights to be happy, safe and visible. This summer, surrounded by happy queer families, GLBTQ community organizations, our supporters in the labor movement and our allies from every segment of the population, let us remember the pride parade's militant roots. In Ottawa, as the Israeli embassy will hosts one of our many pride week celebrations, let's remember to stand in solidarity with Palestinians, queer and straight, and give ourselves something of which to be proud.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Attacks on homeless become hate crime in Md.

Maryland becomes first to expand protection to homeless people

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Somebody must go to this because Naughty North, Q-Team and Prisoner correspondence project are amazing.

[Version francais suit]

STRATEGIZING QUEER INSURGENCY!: Re-centering marginalized queer issues

Workshop & Discussion to be presented as a part of the 10th Annual

Montreal Anarchist Bookfair - Sunday May 17th, 2009

*** Hello! This email is to solicit your feedback, contributions, and
collaboration for the planning and development of this workshop. We are
hoping to gather as much ideas and input from members of our communities
as possible over the course of the next month, in the interest of making
this workshop/ discussion and strategizing session relevant to our
struggles as folks doing queer activism, organizing, or community work; or
as queers doing organizing work in other struggles.

This email is to briefly outline the rough framework of the workshop as it
was initially envisioned, as well as to outline some questions to consider
in responding to this callout.

We proposed this workshop as members of different queer organizations with
the intention of taking advantage of the opportunity offered to us by the
Bookfair to hold a discussion and strategizing session among other groups
and queers from across Quebec, the US and Canada.

We identified four key obstacles or barriers we face in our struggles
which we hope to foreground in these conversations: (1) French/English
divides, (2) Generational divides between older and younger queers, (3)

The US/Canada border, (4) Rural/urban divides.

We especially wanted to focus on these barriers as ones we continue to
face despite attempts by gay assimilation to push these off the agenda,
and to collaboratively develop concrete solutions and strategies to work
against these obstacles.


1. In what ways have you encountered these obstacles (French/English
divides, generational divides, the US/Canada border, and rural/urban
divides) in your organizing or community work?

2. How have you seen these obstacles play our in other kinds of
organizing or work you do?

3. What kinds of strategies, if any, have you put in place or seen put in
place to counter these obstacles?

4. What kind of workshop structure do you think makes the most sense
given the topic and themes? (a) branch into smaller discussion groups and
report back, (b) large facilitated group discussion, or (c) another format

5. Is there any specific feedback you would like to give us about the way
we've laid out this framework? Is there anything you would like to
foreground, or specific ways you hope to see the workshop unfold?



Thanks for your feedback and ideas. Hope to see you in May!
- Anonymous queers / workshop organizing committee
The workshop is co-presented by members of: Naughty North (Maine), the
Prisoner Correspondence Project (Montreal), and Q-Team (Montreal).

Q-team is a radical queer collective whose work focuses on creating
anti-racist, anti-capitalist, and anti-assimilationist queer spaces and
events in Montreal.

The Prisoner Correspondence Project is a Montreal-based collective that
supports gay and trans folks and queers inside prisons across the US and
Canada through a penpal program, programming, and a resource library on
writing about queer survival behind bars.

Naughty North is a radical queer direct-action collective based in Maine
committed to resisting the devastating violence inherent in the consumer
driven assimilationist gaystream!

version française:


Atelier et discussion présentés dans le cadre de la 10e salon de livre
anarchiste de Montreal -- Dimanche le 17 mai 2009
Bonjour! Cet e-mail est une invitation pour nous envoyer des suggestions,
des commentaires et des idées, afin de mieux nous aider au dela du
planification et de développement de l'atelier sera présenté le dimanche
27 mai dans le cadre de la foire du livre anarchiste. Cette session puis
cet échange des e-mails nous servira à recueillir les critiques, les
contributions et les suggestions des gens de nos communautés.

Nous comptons beaucoup sur l'implication des gens de notre milieu au cours
du mois prochain, dans le but de pouvoir aligner cet atelier avec notre
lutte en tant que gens impliqués dans l'activisme queer, dans
l'organisation, ou le travail communautaire; également en tant que queers
impliqué-e-s dans d'autres luttes.


Nous avons identifiés quatre obstacles importants auxquels nous faisons face
dans nos luttes que nous espérons surmonter au cours de l'atelier : (1) La
barrière linguistique français/anglais, (2) Les frontières
intergénérationelles entre queers, (3) La frontière Canada/États-Unis, (4)
La division rurale/urbaine.

*** Voici quelques questions à considérer avant de se présenter à la session
de planifiation, ou avant de correspondre vos idées et commentaires par
courriel si vous n'êtes pas en mesure d'être présent-e:

1. Avez-vous déjà eu à faire face à ces obstacles dans votre travail
communautaire ou votre travail d'organisation?

2. Avez-vous vu ces obstacles se manifester dans d'autres projets dans
lesquels vous êtes impliqué-e-s?

3. Quel genre de stratégies avez vous mises en place pour contrer ces

4. Selon vous, quelle genre de structure conviendrait le mieux en vous fiant
aux sujets et aux thèmes de la discussion? (a) avoir plusieurs petits
groupes de discussion et faire un rapport après, (b) une discussion
facilitée avec un groupe plus large, ou (c) un autre format (svp

5. Avez-vous des commentaires sur la façon que nous voulons encadrer la
discussion? Y a t-il une chose particulière dont vous aimeriez parler, ou
une façon spécifique que vous aimeriez voir l'atelier se dérouler?



Merci pour vos idées et commentaires, en espérant vous voir le mois prochain!

- des queers anonymes / comité d'organisation

L'atelier est une collaboration jointe de: Naughty North (Maine), le Projet
de Correspondance de Prisonniers (Montréal), et Q-Team (Montréal)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Basis of Unity

-Essential to our struggle, we must be visible as queer people in our communities.
-Smashing closets, repression, and self-hate.
-We are open to being perceived as queer during our meetings and actions.
-Marginal voices cannot possibly be articulated by one monolithic queer group on campus or within our communities.
-We appose all forms of assimilation as death through erasure.
-We will create a radical presence at queer events and a queer presence at radical events.

-Active opposition to racism, sexism, transphobia, ableism, xenophobia, HIV/AIDS stigma, classism, heteronormativity and homophobia within Queer fAction, queer communities, and our community at large.
-Recognizing power relations within our groups and communities, and acting to eliminate social hierarchies.

Solidarity and Coalition-building:
-Acting in solidarity with other oppressed groups, who may not identify as queer.
-Building relationships with other oppressed groups and activist groups.

-Operating our group at the community level, independent from any state or government.

Non-violent Direct Action:
-Actions that are ends in themselves, or lead to concrete ends.

-Events and meetings should be wheelchair accessible.
-Published items should be (at least) French-English bilingual.
-Language should be accessible; specialized or academic vocabulary and concepts should be defined or explained.

-Acknowledging the ultimate right of individuals to engage in consensual sex acts and relationships, with anybody, with any motivation, paid or unpaid.
-Safer sex is hotter sex, just sayin'.
-During group orgies, use of barriers is strongly encouraged

-Operating our group without hierarchies, coercive power, or internal authority.

Consensus decision-making:
-Decisions made by the group should be supported by (or acceptable to) all members present.
-Ultimate decision-making capacity is held by individuals who have attended 2 Queer fAction meetings and have agreed to the Basis of Unity of the group.

Voluntary Association:
-Recognizing individuals' rights to act independently or with the group.

-This is a living document and is subject to annual review each spring, by consensus, while maintaining the integrity and spirit of the original document.

-Anyone who has attended 2 Queer fAction meetings as of April 22, 2009 is welcome to submit changes for review in September 2009.

(version française en développement)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rules Of Conduct For Straight People [In Queer Spaces]

1. Keep your displays of affection (kissing, hand-holding, embracing) to a minimum. Your sexuality is unwanted and offensive to many here.

2. If you must slow dance, be an inconspicuous as possible.

3. Do not gawk or stare at lesbians or gay men, especially bull dykes or drag queens. We are not your entertainment.

4. If you cannot comfortably deal with someone of the same sex making a pass at you, get out.

5. Do not flaunt your heterosexuality. Be discreet. Risk being mistaken for a lezzie or a homo.

6. If you feel these rules are unfair, go fight homophobia in straight clubs, or

7. Go Fuck Yourself.

Thoughts? Please, leave your comments! :)

From the Queer Nation Manifesto.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jeans Day!

Queer fAction organized and executed our very first action this week. March 26th was Jeans Day. This basically consisted of handing out flyers in the University Centre which read, "Jeans Day: Thank you for wearing denim in support of local QUEERS. Brought to you by Queer fAction, an action group of OpirGripo" Overall, it was quite a success, we handed out twice the amount of flyers we anticipated, and definitely raised awareness about the group on campus! 
Other ideas that were brought up during/after the event included: making Jeans Day a monthly or bimonthly event, or having a (publicized) 'wear jeans if you're queer' day!

Looking forward to seeing you all at pub night!
THIS FRIDAY APRIL 3, 9PM @ the Lieutenant's Pump!

PS French to come!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

some lesbian-centric literature

Hey guys, I found some awesome queer poetry and short fiction. Thought you might enjoy it. Sorry about the lesbian-centric content. :P I'm working on finding the boi-boi stuff, promises!

fuck you french girl
cigarette in hand
you look over at me, taking a drag, and say something in French
I can't understand but
i pretend i know

i laugh like the francophones smoking beside me
i smoke too - you offered - i said yes
(i want to want a cigarette without you offering so i can feel sexy
like you so i can have you

gripped to my skin, hairs clutching hairs,
skin mixing with skin)
smoke rings burst their poison like the windsor girl
salty, freshly mined, shipped and ready for "Export"

no, take your pack
i'll find someone who drives me just as wild
just as hot, just as nuts
as you

fuck you
your short french hair
fuck you
your strong france-french accent

fuck you
i just really
want to fuck you.

55 Word Fictions - She
It makes me sick to see you hung over this blonde in the back with her twig-on-a-stick boy. Right in the gut, that’s where it all happens: sex, digestion, hard love, and day-old, lost suppers. I’m trying to be loveabulimic - for my own sake – but this nausea, here, in my gut just won’t go away.

The classic-robin-blue, vintage convertible screeched down the winter road leaving tire marks, pot holes, and scattered soft shoulders along the way. The air was cold and forced the clouds to shiver, condense, and snow just to hide the tire marks. Then the snowploughs came dropping their salt to creep up the road like returning nausea.

(side note: keep in mind female stereotypes/oppression)

You take to lunch a tuna fish sandwich
Drawn and quartered to share
with the buddies
in the junk yard.

“Pass that fish ‘round here Harold!
Y’ur ol’ bird makes a good fish san’wich she does!”

You get home that night,
Look your old bird up ‘n’ down thinkin’ ’bout the good fish sandwich
(tuna, celery, salted-butter, and mayo – your favourite)
and come to the conclusion that
she’s your chick o’ the sea.

Lock, stock, and two smoking barrels
Full of fish,
lead based paint,
and poisoned eggs.

No caviar for Johnny

She might have been pregnant...
She might have been pregnant, and she might have still been in love with her best friend, I don’t know because all I knew was that she glowed. She glowed from the inside. Not a pregnant glow like the she was scared of (a lesbian, pregnant and on birth control, automatic teen), an awkward, intelligent, drug-addicted glow with a sweet cloves-honey-and-cigarettes smell. That was her smell except for when she came back from the barn. And in those times she would smell like hay and horse shit and sweat and dust, but God did it smell good. She couldn’t have smelt any other way, because that was her life: horses and smoking. Smoking cigars, cigarettes, and dope; riding horses and ponies mostly sober. All of the lazy summer days on the forest green couch with no AC, only a ceiling fan to move hot air from top to bottom. Then she’d be damp, stoned, curly haired, and too tired to care whether it was poker-iron-board straight like she liked it to be. To tired to care whether she was in love with her best friend or not, because sometimes when she was that stoned it just didn’t matter; other times it would matter more than anything in the world, and that’s what I wanted to be: her best friend who mattered more than anything in the world. Couldn’t though. I didn’t (still don’t) do enough drugs or drive a beat up, old van.

I need to turn my head
and recognize at least something

I need to turn my head
and hurl into that great big tent
& blue

chunks of cold corn flakes eaten early that morning
before I got on the bus and saw you.
That was when the nausea started.
That was when the tent hoisted up
all purple and orange
(the blue and green ones came up afterwards
when you turned to look at me in class,

Hey. How are you?
I’m ok (it’s a lie, it’s a lie).
Hah, I’m sooo stoned.
Aren’t you always? Wish I was, ha-ha!
Heh, ya.

, then turned around to talk to the others because it wasn’t as awkward to look at them as it was to look at me
and pretend you couldn’t feel my eyes on

coffee coffee baby
warm nights and cold coffee on the burner turned off hours ago. 23 hours ago at 3am. closed the door, locked it for the hundredth count and heard a baby blues rock tune (hundredth counts are everywhere), called it out, just one more for the belt, but no one was around to hear it. they’re all sleeping or passed out. they’ll need the coffee later this morning.

stale, cold coffee sits in my Dilbert mug, irony and sarcasm relishing the coffee, makes it colder, gets stained by it. makes the sarcasm stronger. maybe Starbucks will come out with a new flavour to be my favourite. a new flavour shot to over-ride this bitter taste sensation : double sugar-free sarcasm shot, low-fat, low temp, no whip mocklée with the flare of a night cup. Dilbert and his witty speeches are my flare for these long-nighted months. 30 after 30. i’ve hit 30 while still in a 23-year-old body. 7 years ahead. years too tired. tired like the milk rings floating exhausted on the cold coffee. no, cold, old, 3am mocklée.

My poor rough nicotine nails tap the cracking ceramic rim to make a tinny sound. I want to make my way to bed now, then the shock of my new Starbucks favourite can’t keep me awake. I think of how great condo apartments are for their lack of stairs (lazy service at its finest) as I drudge myself in a shuffle to the bedroom and see a slender shoulder sticking out above the duvet and a flare of red curls riding up against the fake mahogany headboard.

As I climb in beside her the burner turns on and heats my cold coffee. My baby’s just so convenient.

Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi Ce Soir
She took me by the waist, pulled me a little closer, and buckled my legs like broken icicles so that I couldn’t help but fall on her lips, stinging with natural Botox. Despite the pain, my legs, being all melted ice, wouldn’t have allowed it besides.
There she taught me everything through a fumbling, clumsy mess of legs, lips, and arms while I made-pretend she thought I was perfect.

My Tender Peach
I looked down at you through the dusty, French morning sunbeams dozing above the pit of my arm. All I saw were your eyebrow hairs, each sticking up to make a cartoon forest. I counted them one by one and realized I could never think of that many reasons why I should keep you.
That was the morning of your birthday. You were twenty-five and just past your prime.

You Left For Burlesque
That roughly carved road comes straight from the mountains into Moulin, Auvergne. It is the same roughly carved road you drove down when I forgot to say Happy Birthday the year I saw cartoon forests in your eyebrows, and knew you’d become too ripe. The roughly carved road connecting downtown and uptown Moulin leads into nothing and is the same road you took when I didn’t say I’m sorry.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Cum plot the revolution at Queer fAction's
  • Come discuss tactics for overthrowing the homophobic power structure!...And meet cute people!
  • Enjoy delicious beverages with other radical queers!
April 3rd 2009
@Lieutenant's Pump
361 Elgin Street (corner of Waverly)

Viens planifier la revolution a la 
de Queer fAction

  • Venez discuter les tactiques pour ecraser les structures de pouvoir homophobe!, bein sur, rencontrer les personnes cutes!
  • Venez deguster de delicieux beuvrages avec d'autres queers radicaux!
le 3 Avril 2009
@ Lieutenant's Pump
361 rue Elgin (coin Waverly)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

version française

Faction Queer est un groupe queer basé à Ottawa. Nous nous opposons à l'oppression de tous genres, incluant, mais non limité à, l'hétérosexisme, le patriarcat, le classisme et le sexisme. Nous croyons en la liberté totale de libre
expression de nos désirs et expressions sexuelles. La solidarité et l'action directe sont nos armes.