Friday, October 15, 2010

Ottawa Vigil to End Homophobic Violence

Everyone is invited to attend the Ottawa Vigil to End Homophobic Violence this Thursday, October 21st.

As with other heavily attended vigils in Canadian cities, this event is being held to remember the lives lost due to homophobic bullying and hate and to remember and recognize all experiences of gender and sexuality based violence.

This vigil is being held for remembrance but also to acknowledge that homophobia is not only toler...ated, but rampant and even encouraged in our society. The recent suicides reported in the media are not isolated, nor are they the only queer suicides that are happening in our communities - queer people are overrepresented when it comes to suicide and homelessness, as a result of homophobia. Queer suicide is a hate crime by society.

If we are going to stand up with queer youth, we need to challenge homophobia transphobia, and heteronormativity in all aspects of our communities; in health services, in the legal system, in schools, in the police and military, in popular media and amongst each other.

This means reinstating the new Ontario sex ed program, this means an end to the criminalization of HIV-AIDS, this means support and dignity for youth who find themselves living on the streets due to homophobia, this means queer content in school curriculums, this means access without fear to health and social services regardless of immigration status and most importantly it means listening to those queer voices on the frontlines of this important battle.

The vigil will begin with speakers at 8pm at the Human Rights Memorial on Elgin @ Lisgar and will march to Parliament hill for closing speeches and a moment of silence.

To get involved, for more information, or if you wish to speak, please contact Nicole or Georgeanne at 613-562-5755, or!/event.php?eid=126072067446749

*Need support? Trained anti-oppressive support workers from the Carleton Coalition for a Sexual Assault Support Centre will be wearing arm bands and will be present to offer 1 on 1 support listening at any time before, after or during the vigil.

This event is supported by:
-Queer fAction
- OPIRG-GRIPO (Ontario Public Interest Research Group Ottawa)
-The Women’s Resource Centre of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa
-The Pride Centre of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa

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